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Value Innovation Across Porters’ Chain: the Business Development of India’s’ Adyar Ananda Bhavan

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23 pagesDate: May 27, 2021


This case focuses on market development by Adyar Ananda Bhavan (prevalently known as A2B), a quickly developing sweet chain of Chennai in South India who has timed incomes of Rs 420 crore in the year 2016 with 6,000 employees’ and is currently proclaiming a target of 700 crores turnover from 2019 onwards with 8000 employees. Surprisingly, there is scarcity of a case study which could analyze the market development of one of the giant sweet chain in India. In line with this, this case study offers valuable insights into the value innovation across the porters’ chain in one of the biggest sweet chain in India known as Adyar Anand Bhavan. The case has a close theoretical association with the famous model of Michael E. Porter (1980) on the one hand and explains how an organization can grow its business through value-based innovation. Contending sources of data, for example, print and electronic media have been utilized to accumulate and report raw facts and figures. The analysis was done based on insights gained from various academicians from different universities across India, some mid-level managers from industry and some unofficial conversation which happened with A2B staff in Bangalore. The setting of the case shows a record of how the value-based integration is a vital favorable position for any firm and protects the business from environmental threats. The case has a profound established hypothetical relationship with models like Porter's Five Forces model from one perspective and furthermore embodies how a business can grow through business strategy and value innovation. This case is planned to be utilized in courses like strategic management and operations management for both undergraduate and postgraduate management courses.

Keyphrases: Adyar Ananda Bhavan, business development, business model, case study, competitive strategy, End consumer, food processing industry, Growth strategy, India, market development, Michael E. Porter Value Chain, Strategic Management, sweet business, Tamil Nadu, thirupathi raja, value chain, value creation, Value Innovation

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