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Quality Assurance Metrics and Measurement in Software Engineering

EasyChair Preprint no. 11359

9 pagesDate: November 21, 2023


Quality assurance (QA) metrics and measurement are integral components of software engineering processes aimed at ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of software products. This abstract explores the significance of metrics in QA, focusing on their role in evaluating software quality, identifying defects, and improving overall development processes. Software quality assurance metrics encompass various quantitative and qualitative measures used to assess different aspects of software development. These metrics are applied across the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to monitor and enhance the quality of deliverables. They include but are not limited to code coverage, defect density, test coverage, customer satisfaction indices, and mean time to failure. Measuring software quality involves assessing adherence to predefined standards, requirements, and industry best practices. Metrics serve as quantifiable indicators to gauge the performance, reliability, maintainability, and usability of software systems. Continuous monitoring and measurement of QA metrics facilitate early detection of defects, allowing for timely corrective actions and preventing potential issues from escalating. This proactive approach aids in delivering high-quality software products within the scheduled timelines and budget constraints. By leveraging a comprehensive array of metrics throughout the SDLC, software development teams can drive continuous improvement, mitigate risks, and ultimately deliver reliable and superior software solutions to meet user expectations.

Keyphrases: Measurement in Software Engineering, Metrics in QA, Software Quality Assurance

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