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Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Agriculture Semi-Trailer

EasyChair Preprint no. 7506

10 pagesDate: February 26, 2022


Tractor trailer is cost effective mode of transportation. It is generally used in transporting agricultural crops, building material and heavy machinery from one place to another place. It is generally manufactured by small scale industry but they are not considering technical details of it. There is lots of research done on trailer parts such as axle, chassis, leaf spring etc. but no such information available for complete design of trailer. Therefore, in this paper 3.5 tonne semi-trailer is designed by considering all the research work done previously and according to Indian Commercial Motor Vehicle rules. CATIA V5 software is used for designing of semi-trailer and ANSYS 2021 R1 is used for finite element analysis. Also, the chassis with “C” section cross bearer and “I” section cross bearer is compared.

Keyphrases: ANSYS, Axle, Chassis, Design, Semi-trailer, Trolley

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