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XMTS: a Web-Based Online Shop Using PHP and Progressive Web Framework

EasyChair Preprint no. 10904

8 pagesDate: September 15, 2023


Today's swiftly evolving business climate, it is essential to be able to respond to client needs as quickly and effectively as feasible. This study is a web-based shopping system for a business that already exists. The goal of the project is to produce an internet store. This project aims to give clients of physical stores access to the advantages of internet buying. It facilitates purchasing items from the store from any location utilizing an android and computer to access. In addition to making the business's products and services straightforward and user-friendly for its customers, XMTS also gives it access to a standalone online store through which it may grow its market share while incurring fewer overhead costs and carrying out more straightforward transactions from any location. With the help of this project, customers may browse a range of products that the business shop offers while having the status of their orders updated in real-time. Additionally, with the aid of this project, administrators will have easy access to orders placed and the business owner easily manages the system. With the system business was intended to strengthen and significantly broaden the business marketing field in light of the intensifying worldwide market competition.

Keyphrases: Broaden, e-commerce, Incurring, overhead, Standalone, XMTS

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