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A Case Study of CR Express Assembly Center Hinterland Calculation Based on the Location Scheme

EasyChair Preprint no. 5506

15 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


With the rapidly development of the China Railway Express (CR Express), due to the vicious market competition and the lack of top-level design, freight flow direction and freight organization appears disordered and unreasonable which causes a seriously waste of social resources. In 2020, five assembly centers construction were announced by the National Development and Reform Commission, this will improve efficiency of container cargo collection and distribution system. However, the attraction freight source area of which is still ambiguous. To solve the problem, this paper divided the hinterland of the five assembly centers. A hinterland division model of CR Express assembly center was established by improving the Huff basic method. Considering the factors of decision-making, the factor analysis was employed to evaluate the comprehensive influence and the method of calculating the minimum transport cost was proposed based on the real transport network. Based on this, a case study of 415 freight areas nationwide was conducted and the hinterland distribution map was made by ArcGIS 10.4. At last, the influence of subsidy policy on hinterland scope was discussed. The conclusion could help the railway company to plan the route of assembly and dispatching reasonably, and advance the organization and management of cargo sources. It can also provide directions for freight agents to adjust marketing strategies. Furthermore, it will promote the development of CR Express in high quality and sustainability.

Keyphrases: Assembly center, China Railway Express, GIS, Hinterland, Huff model

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