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Data Integrity and Security in Distributed Cloud Computing: A Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 3027

14 pagesDate: March 22, 2020


Data storage of cloud services have increased rates of acceptance due to their flexibility and the concern of the security and confidentiality levels. Many of the integrity and security problems raised based on the differences between client and service provider for resolution of third-party auditor. This review paper gives a brief view of current data integrity and security issues in the distributed cloud computing environment. The paper compared eight different models of the cloud data integrity and security. It highlights nearly solutions for some of the current cloud security risks and challenges by summarizing the key schemes of the privacy preserving public auditing, particularly access control, attribute-based access control, and public key encryption. Moreover, the paper assigning the existing models, algorithms, and methodologies of data integrity and security done in the literature of distributed cloud security. It suggested further research in cloud security domain regarding many of the security and data integrity issues.

Keyphrases: Auditing Schemes, Cloud Security, Data Integrity, Distributed Cloud, privacy features

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