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Usage of the Symbols and Dionis Square in the Cryptosystem of Dionis

EasyChair Preprint no. 4081

16 pagesDate: August 25, 2020


The rapid developments of technology which have brought with them a host of benefits to humanity have also left behind a host of spaces which have mostly aided cyber piracy who exploit the many benefits of the internet for purposes that are in their favor,but these actions which negatively affect the privacy of all internet users.

The well-known methods that have been used for a long time were also the first steps to reconstruct them so that their use is as wide as possible through one of the methods used to encrypt messages through symbols known as Pig Pen Cipher (Masonic Cipher) method is the form of displaying messages in the form of symbols, so that only the authorized person at the destination can return it to its previous state.

In this project I will present some modifications which are enabled through the 16x16 square of Dionis with 256 elements, with the help of which based on the rules I have created and developed it is different from all the others that have been presented so far containing some specific specifications within it, in order to make the possibility of decryption as difficult as possible for the abusers, but understandable to implement.

The creation and development of new rules is done through combinations of one of the algorithms for combining numbers as well as through the combination of elements inside the square which in most respects will always be the same values of the sum of all the elements on its two diagonals as well as the difference between any two numbers on any two diagonals that can be formed inside the square will always have a difference of 1, while based on the shortcomings of the symbols of the Pig Pen method, the need to add symbols that will represent the space between words or the possibility that the content of the text has numbers along with some of the basic punctuation marks and basic arithmetic operations are some of the advantages of the Dionis cryptosystem.

Keyphrases: Decryption, Dionis Square, Encryption, Masonic Cipher   

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