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Engineering of Hand Recognition and Control Co-Design Using Real Time Processing

EasyChair Preprint no. 9087

6 pagesDate: October 24, 2022


Gestures are a powerful communication channel that is an important part of information transfer in our daily life.With co-design hybrid systems engineering containing CPU and FPGA components is an exciting new development that offers customized, compact, lightweight and low-power (c-swap) solutions for the realization of control and control by hand becomes more exciting. engineering reusable components (c-swap) in a wide range of real-time and embedded applications, particularly in real-time computer vision, is a challenge, in part because it requires the simultaneous satisfaction of a or more and sometimes the contradiction of one or more aspects, such as execution speed, completion time, cost price and c-swap.

Keyphrases: co-design, computer vision, FPGA, hand, Pynq-ZU, Python, recognition, Zynq

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