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Technology Project in the Industrial Organization

EasyChair Preprint no. 11181

7 pagesDate: October 27, 2023


Since automation terminates of many dichotomies, including that between culture and technology, between consciousness and matter, spirit and nature, or reason and emotion, the future of work consists, as Marshall McLuhan observed, of learning a living in the automation age. This article seeks to connect the philosophical works of J. Habermas and A. Bogdanov to the practical domain of project management in industrial organizations with support of AI-powered language model ChatGPT. Its objectives include providing critical analysis, insights into communication, and practical recommendations to enhance project management practices in light of these philosophical perspectives. By combining insights from philosophy and project management, the article can contribute to a more interdisciplinary understanding of the challenges and opportunities of project management in industrial organizations. It may encourage scholars and practitioners to bridge the gap between philosophy and management theory.

Keyphrases: Automation, industrial organization, project management, System theories, Technology

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