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Transitive Grouping Based IEEE 802.11AH Protocol for Registration and Data Transmission in Internet of Things

EasyChair Preprint no. 2309, version 2

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9 pagesDate: February 6, 2020


Internet of thing (IoT) have improved the lives of humans over these years. There has been an increasing interest of IoT, M2M communication, multi-access wireless schemes, and wireless sensor applications and thus, IEEE 802.11 was amended to IEEE 802.11ah standard which makes use of RAW to reduce contention among the various stations in these networks. The performance of RAW on multi-access wireless network was analyzed by adopting a hybrid system (CSMA-TDMA Environment) that makes use of grouped wireless nodes or stations (IoT devices etc). We identified the problems associated with the increasing growth of subscribers or IoT stations in the adopted architecture. These problems are evaluated through analytical models and optimization algorithms (techniques) and finally, the proposed model is appraised by simulation against the following metrics or problems prevalent in an IoT or WCDMA environment like; congestion at peak time (network delay and registration time delay), resource wastages (channel utilization percentage), throughput and successful transmission probability.

Keyphrases: Access Point, adaptive tdma slot assignment, ah based scalable network, ah raw mechanism, ah standard based iot network, algorithm, analytical model, centralized authentication control, Channel Utilization, data transmission, fast centralized authentication, hidden device aware grouping, Hidden Markov Model, hidden node, hidden node aware grouping scheme, Hidden node problem, Hybrid and Multi-access, hybrid slotted csma, inefficient medium resource utilization, Internet of Thing, IoT environment, IoT network, Markov chain, performance evaluation, raw mechanism, raw slot, real time station grouping, restricted access window, sensor, station grouping, time slot, traffic demand, Traffic Load, Wireless Local Area Network

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