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Street Lamp Surveillance in Cities Using IOT

EasyChair Preprint no. 1972

11 pagesDate: November 18, 2019


Safety and energy conservation are very important factors in today’s life. A street lamp is an imperative part of the smart cities. Though, current street lamps have lack of smart characteristics, which increases both danger and energy consumption. In order to address the problems, a smart street lamp Surveillance is proposed based on the fog computing in the environment using IOT. The street lamp is controlled by  three sensors namely Location sensor, Light Sensor and Infrared Sensor for its operation such as Dynamic brightness adjustment, energy consumption , finding the working state of the lamp to avoid traffic accidents and theft. Abnormal state of a lamp is updated manually by ambience value and Infrared values. Power consumption usage  is generated for individual street lamp and as well as  for  the  area The experimental results shows that  fine management of  street lamps for its independent operation, light intensity alteration, autonomous alarm on abnormal states are displayed in dashboard thus eliminates frequent unnecessary human inspections.

Keyphrases: energy conservation, safety, Smart Cities, smart street lamp

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