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Integration of Wind Power Plant (WPP) for primary frequency regulation

EasyChair Preprint no. 5588

5 pagesDate: May 23, 2021


Power system frequency stability is crucial to be controlled and monitored. A speed governing system performs the primary frequency control function in a conventional power system where synchronous generators are used. However, due to load increase, the generator's speed governing system can only maintain the system frequency to the new steady-state, which is the level below its nominal value. If the load demand keeps on increasing, the power system grid can become unstable. The frequency instability can result in power system grid collapse and lead to blackouts. In order to avoid the power system grid collapse, utilization of a wind power plant as the active power compensator is proposed. The control logic is also developed using DIgSILENT Simulation language (DSL) for wind active power scaling. The frequency stability analysis is performed on a modified IEEE 14 Bus Network. Various case studies are performed to assess the effectiveness of the control scheme.

Keyphrases: Power system stability, primary frequency control, protection, speed governing system, wind power plant integration

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