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Practical Application and Effect Analysis of GMS Monitoring System in Track Beam Adjustment

EasyChair Preprint no. 1357

9 pagesDate: August 1, 2019


Due to increasing service duration and geological decline, the precise requirements for adjusting the line of Shanghai Maglev are more urgent and frequent. In this paper, the application results of GMS are applied in the adjustment of track beam shape, and the overall effect of the line maintenance of the Maglev Shanghai demonstration line is analyzed, which including the distribution and the maximum value of the long-wave deviation of the position of the buttocks in the current situation, and compared the results before and after the route maintenance. The track line could be adjusted while deviation exceeded 5mm on suspended surface and 8mm on guide surface, specially subtle changes(>2mm) also could be modified. It shows that the GMS measurement method is accurate use and high efficiency application in the maintenance.

Keyphrases: alignment, GMS system, practice and application, Shanghai Maglev Line

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