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Exploring the Optimization Technology Scheme in Complex Networks for the Cooperative Wireless Communication

EasyChair Preprint no. 1026

11 pagesDate: May 27, 2019


With the increase in the undeniable growth demand of the users for the bandwidth in the wireless communication system (WCS), this is indeed an era of high speed, high bandwidth and high frequency trends. The area is wide open to study and implement the cooperative communication optimization techniques for the complex networks using a multiple transmit antenna array to form a MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) system. In this paper, the research clarifies that there is no need to expand the resources of the spectrum and the antenna transmission power in order to get more benefits in the cooperative system. It is far better to enlarge the channel capacity, make the substantial improvements in the security and reliability of the transmission of the communication. This can be applied to the cellular communication and wireless sensor networks as well. Thus, it can better predict, optimize and control the networks that are based upon the cooperative communication. In the later stages of the paper, the fading nature of a wireless system is discussed and it is proved by using Jensen’s inequality that the average bit error rate (BER) in wireless systems is always greater than the BER in the wireline system.

Keyphrases: Bit Error Rate, collaborative communication, collaborative diversity technology, complex network, complex networks, convex optimization, cooperative communication, diversity, fading channel, fading nature, Jensen inequality, relay network, relay node, relay selection, wireless communication system

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