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Cryptographic Algorithm Analysis and Implementation

EasyChair Preprint no. 3210

48 pagesDate: April 20, 2020


The impact and necessity of information security has increased exponentially over the last few decades as the denial-of-service attacks are increasing, information is being stolen, hackers are using more sophisticated and smart methods with help of agile tools for stealing sensitive information. Do small/mid-size/large corporate organizations need the security of their system? Yes. They have sensitive user data, employee data, trading data, customer data and other sensitive confidential information stored in office systems. Do common people need the security of their systems at home? Yes. They may have their taxes files, social security card information, bank account details, private pictures, marketing strategy for their small business and many more private things.

 Computer cryptography was the exclusive domain for long period of time since World War II but now is practiced outside of military agencies. Cryptography is both science and art, it uses known obscurity and mathematical formulae. Cryptographic systems should have ability to assure the authenticity of source from where message gets originated and proof of complete message delivery. It is sometimes insufficient to protect ourselves from the rules and laws, but we need to protect ourselves with applying sufficient mathematical equations. So, it is individuals and legal organizations responsibility to protect their own data.

This paper will aim to assess the cryptographic algorithms and their ways of implementation with the core principles of cryptographic systems where they take a plaintext message and through a set of transposition, convert the same plaintext message into ciphertext and from ciphertext to plaintext. Also covers hashing functions and hashing algorithm techniques.

Keyphrases: Ciphertext, cryptographic algorithms, Cryptography, Decryption, Encryption

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