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Study and Simulation of a Thermoelectric Generator for the Intelligent Agricultural System

EasyChair Preprint no. 7552

9 pagesDate: March 13, 2022


Smart farming has become one of the priorities that has emerged recently and will be in the future in the agricultural field, due to the availability of programmed electronic devices, which are used to measure and track the necessary indicators in this domain. In this context, we try, through this scientific work, to study and deal with the problems of power supply of local electronic devices placed in agricultural fields, which detect, measure and follow the growth of plants by measuring indicators related to development and growth of plants. These devices, which are implanted in each tree or locally in each plant, of course need continuous and permanent electrical energy to supply the electrical sensors.

It should be noted that the power supply of these devices is considered one of the technical challenges for the following reasons:
- Multiple electrical wiring when using the conventional electrical power source.
- The use of photovoltaic energy for each measuring device/sensor/transmitter is also costly and impractical because it requires the use of photovoltaic cells and a storage battery for each of these devices.
- Using a dry battery is a reliable solution, but it remains financially costly and requires intervention to replace and control these batteries.

In this scientific work, we propose a new way of producing electricity to power devices from the thermal energy present in the ground and according to the temperature difference between those of the ground and those measured in the environment. exterior, using semiconductors based on the Seebeck effect. In this work, we use special software such as "ANSYS" and "TeGDS" to simulate and design an ideal miniature electric generator of "16cm x 16cm x16cm" geometry, capable of producing electric power to power the electronic devices used. The results found show the importance of this work in the field of smart agriculture.

Keyphrases: renewable energy, Seebeck effect, Smart Agriculture, Thermoelectric

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