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Foot Step Power Generation

EasyChair Preprint no. 5268

4 pagesDate: April 1, 2021


In Present Scenario Power generation is one of biggest issue for any country. Now-a day's numbers of power sources are present, non-renewable & renewable, but still we can’t overcome our power needs. The electrical power consumption is increasing exponentially. Therefore, the need of a fool-proof and economically viable power generation and distribution system demands a certain interest. This paper proposes utilization of human locomotion energy which, although extractable goes mainly to waste. This paper proposes a model that uses human walking, jumping and running as a source of energy and store it for essential use. Such a model is apt in a demography that of a country like India which has such a huge population. The generated power will be stored and then we can use it for domestic purpose. This system can be installed at homes, schools, colleges, where the people move around the clock. When people walk on the steps or that of platform, power is generated by using weight of person. When there is some vibrations, stress or straining force exert by foot on flat platform. It can be used for charging devices e.g., laptop, mobile, etc. It also promotes green energy and environment friendly approach towards energy generation. In this paper we have provided the basic concept and design details of this model and a basic implementation of the same.

Keyphrases: Foot Step, green energy, power generation, renewable energy

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