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Challenge and Issues of Lead-Acid Batteries: a Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 5811

3 pagesDate: June 16, 2021


Renewable energy is the modern industrial revolution and all studies and researchers focused around this area of energy 
because this type of energy is friendly to environment and cheaper comparing to combustion fuel. In our lookup we address an example of 
renewable energy which depended on chemical energy store, this instance is a kind of batteries that known as 'Lead-acid battery’. We pick 
these forms of battery depending on advertising and marketing target and good service, financial characteristics of this type of batteries 
that make it suitable for many purpose, therefore provable variety of many people in the world and Yamani and society. our research 
centerline on studying problems and issues of this type of batteries and how we can reduce or eliminate the consequences of these 
problems, additionally we targeted on development and how we can use new approaches to enhance properties and advantage of these the other hand limits the disadvantage of it. In this article we acquire many issues that face lead acid batteries to let the 
researchers to inspire many solutions and keep away from the deficiency of the recent products of batteries. The main motivation to do this 
article is a humanism hobby and feeling with heavyresbonsibility as I am engineer to remedy the largest troubles of power store, 
specifically in Yemen.

Keyphrases: Friendly to environment, Lead Acid Battery., renewable energy

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