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Possibility of Capsizing of a 45-M Tuna Fishing Vessel According to IMO Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria

EasyChair Preprint no. 2982

10 pagesDate: March 18, 2020


Intact stability of a tuna fishing vessel was analyzed with the second generation stability criteria of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Those criteria are being under development, and it was desired to compare these results with those from another references where numerical simulations were developed for the same vessel. Ship analyzed is a 44 m in length overall, which used to operate from Ecuadorian ports in Eastern Pacific Ocean. Unlike the current stability criteria, the new one considers ship response to the dynamic action of waves, in four capsizing modes, and consider several levels of vulnerability. If the calculations show that in a failure mode the ship is not vulnerable, the procedure continues to consider the next mode; but, if the ship does not satisfy the criterion, it must be checked at the next level of vulnerability. The fishing vessel was analyzed in two loading conditions, and it was found that according to this second generation stability criteria, it is not prone to capsize in Pure loss of stability, Parametric roll and Deadship condition. But it is vulnerable in the first two vulnerability criteria to Surfriding, phenomenon which likely will conduct to a sudden change in heading which would make the ship to capsize. These findings are consistent with the numerical simulations developed for the ship in two other references.

Keyphrases: fishing vessel, Parametric Roll, stability, surfriding

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