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Cloud Security Concerns and Solutions

EasyChair Preprint no. 7546

6 pagesDate: March 12, 2022


Many systems only require a simple user-generated password to gain access, while others are more robust. Think about the needs of your application, what data breach laws might apply to you, and try to mitigate your risk through good security practices. SNMP, encryption, firewall, antivirus, and strong passwords are required to effectively monitor and protect any cloud platform from attacks. Human security neglect is arguably the biggest con-tributor to cloud and network encroachment. According to the Online Trust Alliance, 90% of data breaches could have been prevented if companies had better internal controls. The Online Trust Alliance provides more information on data breach protection. Insufficient password selection, stolen laptops, sharing the same password on different websites, and turning computers on and unlocking them to facilitate access for physical use are some of the top threats

Keyphrases: data center, Encryption, factor authentication, Google Authenticator, Layers of Security, Operating System, password authentication, problems, Security Concern, time password, USB token

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