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Cloud Based File Sharing Using BlockChain

EasyChair Preprint no. 8078

6 pagesDate: May 24, 2022


Cloud computing is a relatively new technological advancement that has steadily increased market share over the last three years. In this paper, we will present a new methodology for securely sharing files via the cloud, combining block chain for secure transactions and viewing the shared files. Many individuals utilise file shredding software. Some people utilise these apps to make money by sharing their work in the form of files. We've all heard of Chegg, Scribd, and other similar services that provide a platform for students , researchers, freelancers to publish their work. However, in order to use these programmes, we must have a membership. Even if a user wants to access the files, he or she must pay a fee to the application rather than the author. So, in order to eliminate third parties, we devised a new approach known as "Cloud-based file sharing using Blockchain." By using our application users can easily share files with one another using the cloud-based file sharing method. As a result, this system enables users to store and share files via cloud networks in a simple and effective manner. Generally when we upload data to the cloud, we lose control of it, which introduces new security risks to the integrity and confidentiality of our data. So, in order to avoid this,In this paper, we will discuss a secure file sharing mechanism for the cloud that uses encryption. In this paper, we introduced a new method of file sharing. The transaction to view the files is carried out via a block chain from one user to the another.

Keyphrases: Azure, Blockchain, Cloud, Encryption

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