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Evaluation of Strength Test Results of Concrete in Libya (Case Study)

EasyChair Preprint no. 7582

10 pagesDate: March 17, 2022


Concrete is one of the major construction materials in building construction industry. In Libya, concrete is probably the only materials used for building constructions and it is produced from three basic ingredients; namely, cement, aggregate and water. Accordingly, the product should be compatible with the standard specifications within manufacturing stages to ensure acceptable quality. This study focuses on creating system called (Concrete Expert) based on American Standards ACI214, that monitors concrete quality continuously throughout the implementation period and records daily readings of compressive strength tests and accordingly the control charts for each strength test data were established. The importance of control charts for the variables lies in the expression of the system status (inside or outside the control limits). The system records data, analyzes, and then determines the individual strength tests, moving average, moving range, ratio of minimum strength to design strength, and the adequacy of control over concrete and testing operations. The test data could be benefited for these purposes: to assist the batch plant in the production of high-quality concrete for projects; to determine the adequacy of testing procedures, and to establish and refine the statistical relationships for future similar projects. The system was applied to test the efficiency of the performance two huge projects in Libya, also comparison and assessment quality of concrete for ten projects by inserting different records in different intervals of time; results show that the quality control ranged from excellent to a good as per the classification (Overall Variation/General construction testing) and ranged from fair to poor as per the classification (Within-test variations/Field controlling testing) according to ACI214.

Keyphrases: Compressive strength., Concrete, control charts, quality control

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