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The Development of a Multilanguage Thesaurus Based on Linked Data

EasyChair Preprint no. 9549

12 pagesDate: January 6, 2023


The need for multilingual information access has been addressed in many forms for several years.  The ALCST (Association for Library Collection and Technical Services) Non-English Access Committee indicated that research in the area of assigning subject headings in the language of the script will enable the user to find materials in the library more efficiently. It also indicated that LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) does not sufficiently represent the culture of the Arabic and Islamic world.  Several examples of the deficiency of LCSH coverage in these areas illustrate the need to develop an Arabic open-source controlled vocabulary that can be used when assigning subject headings for Arabic materials. This paper aims to address three issues:  

  • The LCSH and its coverage of subjects 
  • Enhancing the discoverability of Arabic materials by adding Arabic subject headings 
  • The development of an Arabic thesaurus based on the linked-data approach

Keyphrases: Arabic, language, Library Catalogs, Library of Congress Subject Headings, subject indexing, thesaurus

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