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Improving the Acoustic Efficiency of Silencer for Boiler Gas-Air Tracks

EasyChair Preprint no. 1776

9 pagesDate: October 26, 2019


The operation of thermal power facilities is associated with the negative impact on the environment and humans of such factors as air, water, soil pollution, electromagnetic radiation, noise. This article is devoted to improving the noise reduction efficiency of gas and air paths of boilers of thermal power plants. In world practice, to reduce noise in gas-air ducts, dissipative noise mufflers are used. The authors proposed a new design of sound attenuation elements for dissipative plate-type silencers. The article defines the acoustic and aerodynamic characteristics of noise mufflers with new sound attenuation elements. The characteristics of silencers made of new silencing elements and the characteristics of silencers, consisting of a common typical design of plates with a flat surface of the side walls, are compared. An increase in acoustic efficiency and a decrease in pressure loss when using the proposed new silencing elements in noise suppressors are shown. Recommendations on the use of dissipative plate-type silencers with developed sound attenuation elements for gas-air paths of boilers are developed.

Keyphrases: Boilers, gas ducts, increase in acoustic efficiency, noise, silencer, Sound Attenuation

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