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Scaffolding-Based Analysis of Group Online Collaborative Learning Engagement and Sequence Patterns

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16 pagesDate: November 24, 2022


Collaborative learning ability, as one of the core skills in the 21st century, is of great interest to national and internationally important organizations. The quality of collaborative learners' collaboration determines the effectiveness of collaborative learning, and the quality of collaboration is closely related to the engagement of collaborative learners. In this study, the online collaborative document was used as the technical scaffolding and the intervention of pedagogical scaffolding was administered. In addition, content analysis was used to code all the discourses of the whole process, and discourse analysis of the communication during the collaborative process was conducted with the help of GSEQ software using lagged sequence analysis. Then the collaborative learning behaviors of the three participants were explored in conjunction with interviews. The results found that the scaffolding strategy based on online collaborative documents led to a significant increase in collaborators' participation, engagement, and more complex transformation of individual behaviors. As a whole, there was also an increase in teamwork and a higher structure of collaborative behaviors. This study provides a useful reference for how to improve collaborative learning engagement and analyze online collaborative learning behavior sequences in higher education.

Keyphrases: case study, collaborative learning, lag sequence analysis, learning behavior analysis, Online discourse analysis, Pedagogical Scaffolding

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