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Structural Analysis of Pressure Vessel Using Ansys Workbench

EasyChair Preprint no. 13549

6 pagesDate: June 4, 2024


Pressure vessels are crucial for storing gases and liquids under varying pressures and temperatures. They play a vital role in various industries, from oil and gas to chemical processing and industrial refrigeration. Because they store high pressure fluids at temperatures well above ambient levels, there is always a risk of explosion. This paper explores the critical role of pressure vessels in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and industrial refrigeration, emphasizing their inherent risks due to high pressure storage. In this paper recent and past developments, stress evaluation and deformation analysis is presented. The focus is on designing and analyzing a pressure vessel in accordance with ASME standards, utilizing Solidworks for designing and Ansys for Static Structural Analysis through Finite Element Analysis. Five different materials, characterized by a constant shell thickness and a pressure of 2 Mpa, are examined to identify the optimal design for safety in industrial applications. The selected design materials were; Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, Gray cast iron class 30, Structural steel S460, Stainless steel 420 and aluminum alloy 6061. In static structural analysis, the results were presented and thoroughly discussed, including von-misses and shear stress distributions and total deformations for whole structure of pressure vessel. The comparative results concluded that gray cast iron class 30 bears maximum amount of von misses stress, shear stress and total deformation whose values are as following: 549.5 MPa, 304.8 MPa and 28.29 mm respectively. Through a meticulous comparison of results, the paper suggests that the gray cast iron class 30 is the best design material for the design of pressure vessel operating under fluid pressure of 2 MPa. It is expected that this study’s outcomes will be useful for selecting an ideal material for pressure vessel production in industries.

Keyphrases: ANSYS, deformation, Pressure vessel, SolidWorks, stresses

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