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Financial Freedom: A Need and not a Dream

EasyChair Preprint no. 2522

17 pagesDate: February 1, 2020


Being aware of Personal Finance Management is one thing, and actively practicing the same is a totally different thing.

In today's changing priorities, balancing expectations of next generation and previous generation, the current generation is facing acute financial pressure to accommodate requirements and aspirations of their family.

Changing world economies, dropping interest rates, racing inflation, upgrading lifestyles and false ideas of success are driving currently earning generations crazy.

In such a scenario, understanding and managing the finances, planning for the top priorities and retiring without worrying about the future, seems like a distant dream.

With bombarding ads of financial products and doorstep executives, finding neutral Investment Advice is also a rare instance.

However, after the retirement age, one has to live as long as 25 - 30 years without any monetary income. Hence, executing a plan for Financial Freedom - the term used to notify - not working for money - is no longer a dream, but a need of the hour.

Keyphrases: Finance, Financial Freedom, Inflation, Investment, literacy, personal

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