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Thrust Against Social Difference in Rohinton Mistry’s a Fine Balance

EasyChair Preprint no. 4915

3 pagesDate: January 19, 2021


Rohinton Mistry is an Indian-born Canadian writer and belongs to Parsi community. The novel, A Fine Balance (1995), won the second annual Giller Prize in 1995, and in 1996, the Los Angelis Times Book Prize for Fiction. Also was selected for Ophrah’s Book Club in November 2001. In 1996 it won the Commonwealth Writers Prize and was shortlisted for the 1996 Booker prize. Rohinton Mistry as a social humanist, is provoked by the atrocities continued against the downtrodden and suffered people. It’s no doubt that Rohinton Mistry strives hard to reform the society by exposing various problems of society like Mulkraj Anand. In short, Mistry desires peace to prevail in the society by understanding the various problems of individuals on the devastating effects of caste system on the social and economic status of downtrodden in Indian society.

Keyphrases: Atrocities, caste system, Downtrodden, Economical Status, Humanist, social

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