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An Improved and Secured RSA algorithm using CRT for text encryption

EasyChair Preprint no. 6007

4 pagesDate: July 4, 2021


Every day, terabytes of data is produced in this internet and smart phone age. Data protection during contact over the internet is a significant challenge. Cryptography is an essential aspect of the internet's data protection system. Now-a-days intruders are trying to attack the data. In order to provide security for the data, we must provide some cryptographic algorithm, which involves encryption and decryption that plays a key role. Cryptography is defined as study of encipherment and decipherment techniques. Authorized people can access the data. Cryptography is of two types symmetric key and asymmetric key. An asymmetric key is also termed as public key. Confidentiality and authentication are the two cryptographic services offered by public key cryptosystems. The RSA algorithm is a well-known and widely used public key cryptosystem in which keys are generated using two large and distinct integers. We'll talk about an improved RSA algorithm for text encryption and decryption which uses Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) and provides more safety for the data.The proposed Enhanced and Secured RSA(ESRSA) algorithm generates public/private key pairs using four prime numbers rather than two primes, to increase the complexity .The encryption and decryption functions in the proposed RSA algorithm have been updated to improve security.

Keyphrases: Decryption, Encryption, Euler totient function, private key, public key, RSA algorithm.

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