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Forecasting the population life quality as a tool of human capital management

EasyChair Preprint no. 2024

6 pagesDate: November 25, 2019


In modern conditions, the competitive advantages of the economy and the possibility of its modernization are largely determined by the accumulated and realized human capital. People with their education, qualifications and experience determine the boundaries and opportunities of technological, economic and social modernization of society. At the same time, in Russia, human capital as a factor of innovative development is given only little attention.

The analysis of the innovative development prospects in Russia shows the presence of many difficulties on this way. The lack of highly skilled workers is considered as one of the main barriers to the development of knowledge-intensive production, especially in the future.

Despite the large number of scientific developments, some aspects of the problem are debatable and poorly studied. In particular, the issue of human capital management is insufficiently covered.

Insufficient knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of human capital management in the interests of sustainable innovation development led to defining the purpose of the study and the formulation of tasks for its solution.

Keyphrases: competitive advantages, human capital, Innovation, life quality, sustainable development

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