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Diagnosis of the Technical Condition of High-Tech Complexes by Probabilistic Methods

EasyChair Preprint no. 7936

7 pagesDate: May 8, 2022


When designing multilevel systems for monitoring the parameters and characteristics of high-tech complexes, it is necessary to effectively control the state of the elements of generating units. Existing control systems for their specification and technical characteristics do not fully meet the monitoring objectives. The capabilities of existing known systems have limitations on the depth of use and compensation for the impact of operational factors. The article proposes and substantiates the feasibility of using the principle of automated measurement and control of load in high-tech complexes based on the probabilistic approach. It is established that the presence of errors in the means of measurement and control leads to specific errors that should be taken into account when assessing the quality of control, solving management and control tasks. To register the transition of parameters beyond the limit values, a new sensor circuitry based on fiber-optic elements is proposed. The main difference of the proposed diagnostic tool is the invariance to operational destabilizing factors.

Keyphrases: diagnostics, generating set, optical fiber, Performance characteristics, probabilistic approach, sensor

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