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Cloud Computing Security Solutions and Privacy.

EasyChair Preprint no. 6836

16 pagesDate: October 12, 2021


In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as a new concept for delivering various online services. Cloud computing has become an indispensable part of corporate and public enterprise. It eliminates the need for users to plan for the future in order to provide services. It also allows companies to start small and increase resources only when there is growth in demand for services. However, despite the fact that cloud computing provides huge opportunities for the IT industry, the development of cloud computing technology is now in its infancy, with unresolved issues in this article, we offer a simplified review of cloud computing, highlighting basic concepts, architectural principles, and reviewed various security practices and challenges associated with both the software and hardware aspects of protecting data in the cloud, and improving data security and privacy protection for a secure cloud environment. We conducted a comparative research analysis of the current research work regarding data security and privacy protection techniques used in cloud computing.

Keyphrases: Availability, Cloud, Cloud Computing, computing, Confidentiality, data, Encryption, Integrity, Privacy, Security

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