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Design and Analysis of Malnutrition Identification and Implementation by using Recent Technologies

EasyChair Preprint no. 4717

9 pagesDate: December 7, 2020


Nowadays globalization and modernization life style changing the people life style and dietery. Computers, televisions and mobile phones are also reduce the physical level activity of the human day life. It reduces the people health condition and economical level of our country. It also improves the poverty level in our country. Our country major issue is nutrition problem. World Bank Estimates India is the 2nd country in the world by affected the malnutrition. It affects Preschool Children, Adolescent Girls, Pregnant Women, Socially deprived people etc. Our government also conducts lot of nutrition development program for public health awareness. But it will not reach the correct way to the people. Also the government could not get the accuracy value of malnutrition affected people. Here, non-invasive method for identifying the malnutrished person without breaking or puncturing the skin. Today finger print biometric is very important & very easy way to identify the true information from the appropriate people. Our government also emphasize the people to get AADHAAR card for getting the government plans beneficiary. So finger print is used to register the people’s information. Here, the thumb impression is used to register the AADHAAR number and identify the people to detect the nutrition problem. The wireless technology is used to send the messages to the malnutrishion affected person through mobile.

Keyphrases: image processing, Malnutrition, optical sensors, pattern matching

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