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Analysis on the Status Quo and Construction Problems of Domestic Urban Civil Air Defense Engineering System

EasyChair Preprint no. 6395

9 pagesDate: August 26, 2021


As the urbanization process in developing countries continues to accelerate, although my country has achieved significant results in planning and construction, there are still many problems. For example, the rate of urban green space decreases with the continuous increase of urban buildings. Therefore, the domestic urban underground civil air defense Engineering construction is in a very important position at this stage, and our development goals must be shifted from above ground to underground. This article analyzes the general situation of domestic civil air defense engineering system, expounds the current situation and existing problems of my country's urban civil air defense engineering system, which has an important influence on the development of my country's cities. Functional departments must take into account the various functions of civil air defense projects and put people's safety first. At the same time, firefighters should also improve their professionalism, leadership and organizational skills, and be able to evacuate people in time when encountering danger and arrange them to take refuge in designated locations. The technicians in the relevant departments in the city need to use scientific and technological means to mix the urban network system in series and parallel, so that the various structures of the urban network system are unified and interact with each other. When a disaster strikes, it can protect the safety of the people and reduce the economic loss of the city. Reduce to the lowest level to maximize benefits.

Keyphrases: development city, engineering city, functional departments, people urban construction, Urban civil air defense

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