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The Reform and Exploration of Intelligent PYTHON Language Teaching

EasyChair Preprint no. 3858

6 pagesDate: July 13, 2020


  with the continuous improvement of social productivity, various fields also develop rapidly. All levels of practitioners also need to improve their own comprehensive quality and ability. In the field of artificial intelligence and high-end computer industry, the Python programming language gradually shows its field advantages and is favored by professionals, thus accelerating the development of scientific research and high-tech products. Teachers or trainers should understand and teach PYTHON courses at a deeper level and reform PYTHON language teaching based on this. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology and the continuous development of programming languages, Internet companies have an increasing demand for programming talents. Therefore, how to cultivate excellent PYTHON programmers has drawn close attention from all fields of society. In the era of intelligence, it is one of the main tasks of schools to train PYTHON programming talents to meet the needs of the society. The traditional PYTHON language teaching model can no longer meet the needs of society. This paper proposes to build a kind of intelligent online PYTHON teaching system, provide students with personalized teaching resources and systematic practical programming problems, and then cultivate students' independent programming thinking, and train practical talents who master PYTHON programming technology for Internet enterprises. Promote the education with practice, not only can improve students' learning enthusiasm and motivation, increase employment opportunities for students, at the same time satisfy the social demand for talents, thus promoting the schools’ curriculum reform.

Keyphrases: curriculum reform, intellectualization, PYTHON language teaching, Python programming

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