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Microcontroller Based Monitoring and Alert System

EasyChair Preprint no. 3610

3 pagesDate: June 14, 2020


The objective of this paper is to design and implement microcontroller based monitoring and alert system. It monitors the surrounding temperature and smoke level employing LM35 for monitoring the temperature, MQ2 as a smoke sensor and the value of which are displayed the LCD screen. It focuses mainly on our homes. It also automatically controls the fan connected to the motor driver depending upon the temperature sensed by the microcontroller thus also working as an automated control system. When the sensor value exceeds the threshold limit causing fire, the owner of the house will be alerted by SMS through SIM900 GSM module. Hence, it discusses about a low cost microcontroller based alert system.

Keyphrases: ATmega microcontroller, LM35 temperature sensor, MQ2 smoke sensor, SIM 900j

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