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Optimal Fault-Tolerant Placement of Relay Nodes in a Mission Critical Wireless Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 416

16 pagesDate: August 9, 2018


The operations of many critical infrastructures (e.g., airports) heavily depend on proper functioning of the radio communication network supporting operations. As a result, such a communication network is indeed a mission-critical communication network that needs adequate protection from external electromagnetic interferences. This is usually done through radiogoniometers. Basically, by using at least three suitably deployed radiogoniometers and a gateway gathering information from them, sources of electromagnetic emissions that are not supposed to be present in the monitored area can be localised. Typically, relay nodes are used to connect radiogoniometers to the gateway. As a result, some degree of fault-tolerance for the network of relay nodes is essential in order to offer a reliable monitoring. On the other hand, deployment of relay nodes is typically quite expensive. As a result, we have two conflicting requirements: minimise costs while guaranteeing a given fault-tolerance.

In this paper address the problem of computing a deployment for relay nodes that minimises the relay node network cost while at the same time guaranteeing proper working of the network even when some of the relay nodes (up to a given maximum number) become faulty (fault-tolerance).

We show that the above problem can be formulated as a MILP as well as a PB optimisation problem and present experimental results comparing the two approaches on realistic scenarios.

Keyphrases: Air Traffic Control, antenna node, case study, communication network, convex polygon, Directional Antenna, fault tolerance, milp problem, mission critical communication network, Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Optimisation, placement cost, pseudo-Boolean optimisation, Pseudo-Boolean Satisfiability, relay antenna, Relay Node Placement, terrain orography, wireless network, wireless networks, Wireless Sensor Network

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