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Three-Dimensional Modeling and Analysis of Mechanized Excavation for Tunnel Boring Machines

EasyChair Preprint no. 3274

20 pagesDate: April 28, 2020


Urban train infrastructures are of utmost importance for reliable mobility in the smart cities of the future. This paper is about Three-dimensional Modeling of Mechanized Drilling Passes. Drilling in an urban is always a risky and complex experience. One of the most important issues during the construction of subway tunnels is the investigation of the impact of drilling steps on the ground subsidence and its containment. For this purpose, different types of mechanized drilling methods are often used, resulting in a considerable reduction in the displacements caused by tunnel drilling. In this study, part of the route of an urban train tunnel that passes under a non-planar intersection is examined. The shear capacity of slab pile, slab piles was calculated using the relevant equations and then modeling of soil mass was performed using the PLAXIS 3D software finite element program. The proposed depth of the tunnel construction by the consulting company is 18 meters. Due to drilling problems, the presence of overpass piles near the tunnel and experience of 14 meters depth has been used as an alternative. Analyzes for both 14 and 18 m depths showed that the displacements at both depths were approximately the same. So, the impact of the tunnel on the pile capacity of the bridge piles at a depth of 18 m is greater than the depth of 14 m. Thus, the depth suggested by the authors is 14 meters, which is more suitable than the initial depth of 18 meters.

Keyphrases: Computational Mechanics, mechanized drilling, modeling, Optimization, Plaxis software, simulation, Smart Cities, tunnel, urban train lines

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