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Hybrid Cryptographic Model to Enhance the Security in the Cloud

EasyChair Preprint no. 12755

7 pagesDate: March 27, 2024


The world is developing into a highly technological place where technology wants to optimally improve space and cost. the way for this growth cloud is the acquisition of their richness in technology by the way they render the services. The cloud is the demand of the hour, which needs to be protected. Each data entity residing in the cloud must be authenticated so that there is no escape from critical and sensitive information. One of the primary requirements that are challenging in the cloud sector is the factor of security for the humongous data in the cloud. The cloud network is not a constrained homogeneous one, but a very dynamic and heterogeneous which makes it fall to threats. Data encryption is a significant part of security that has to be concentrated on improving security mechanisms. This research paper combines various cryptographic algorithms such as RSA with a digital signature, SHA-3, and Brotli. This is a hybrid approach where RSA with a digital signature is used for confidentiality and authentication, hashing is done by SHA-3 and Brotli will be used for compression.

Keyphrases: Cloud Security, Data Security, Encryption algorithms, Information Security

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