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Navigating the Reshoring Landscape: a Comprehensive Analysis of Manufacturing Return Trends

EasyChair Preprint no. 12377

6 pagesDate: March 4, 2024


This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of manufacturing return trends, offering insights into the multifaceted landscape of reshoring initiatives. Drawing upon a diverse array of scholarly research, industry reports, and empirical data, this study systematically examines the factors driving reshoring decisions, the industries most affected, and the geographical patterns of manufacturing repatriation. It explores the motivations behind reshoring, including cost considerations, quality control concerns, supply chain resilience, and proximity to markets. Furthermore, this research delves into the challenges and opportunities associated with reshoring efforts, such as workforce skills development, technological advancements, and policy implications. It also investigates the role of emerging technologies, such as automation and additive manufacturing, in reshaping the competitiveness of domestic manufacturing sectors.

Keyphrases: Manufacturing, return, trends

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