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Development of Future Foreign Language Teachers’ Information Literacy and Digital Skills in Ukrainian context

EasyChair Preprint no. 3478

6 pagesDate: May 24, 2020


The aims of this paper are to share the results of the action research of the future foreign language teachers’ information literacy and digital skills development and to demonstrate the opportunities for their development while pre-service teacher training process in the course of Methodology of foreign language teaching and practical course of foreign language. The article discusses the skills of information and communication technologies use in learning and teaching as an important component of future teachers’ training and a contribution to the sustainable development of the country. The projects which influenced the action research elaborating are described. A short overview of relevant experience within the studied issue is presented. The procedure of action research is described, the examples from author-tailored course are given.

Keyphrases: action research, communication technology, digital safety skill, digital skills, future foreign language teacher, Future foreign language teachers’ training, higher education, information literacy, Language learning and teaching, learning and teaching, learning platform, online tool, social networking site, sustainable development, teacher information literacy, teacher training process, teaching and learning

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