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Study of the impact of collaboration among learners during the learning of “Object-Oriented Programming”

EasyChair Preprint no. 7948

3 pagesDate: May 15, 2022


As in many fields, the field of education has undergone substantial transformations with the spread of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). These changes can be clearly seen through the huge breakthrough achieved in remote eduation field. From now on, not only the content of the courses is adapted to the needs of each individual learner, but also the way in which it is served. Not only that but also specific characteristics of each taught subject is taken into account. Computer Science was among the first disciplines involved in e-learning, considering the ability of its learners to comfortably assimilate the use of this new learning form. Within this scope, several e-learning approaches and systems were developed to support different computer science topics from Logic and Algorithmics to Programming through its different paradigms (such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP)) (Djelil et al., 2015; Yoke Seng et al., 2018; Yan, 2009). This concept (object-oriented) is often seen by many students as problematic, as they fail to come up with a good object-oriented designs of a given problem. Some scientists believe that the problem is the shift of the problem modeling vision from one that students were familiar with, to a different one that is object-oriented. Other scientists see that it is not the object-oriented paradigm itself that is causing the problem, but rather the existing tools (languages and environments) available to teach it. So, how can we make better use of technology in teaching Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? Can a collaborative learning strategy improve this line of learning? These two questions are the main focus of this research work. To answer all these questions we will present a new approach called LISA that relies on collaboration between learners to learn the concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

Keyphrases: collaborative learning, e-learning, object-oriented programming, project-based learning

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