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Exploring E-Learning Through the Lens of Learning Analytics

EasyChair Preprint no. 7107

15 pagesDate: November 28, 2021


Through the past couple of years E-Learning has been one of the most active educational technology fields gaining a growing attention after showing an entirely new level of possibilities for knowledge transfer. Certainly, using such technology comes with its own challenges, and treating the massive amount of learner’s data is on the top of the list, giving room for the emergence of Learning Analytics as a novel set of approaches to latch and process educational data. Learning analytics techniques came as a specific manifestation of a larger leap toward an algorithmically dominated world, and their ramifications for education and especially in an E-Learning context must be carefully considered. A general summary of Learning Analytics techniques, the innovations they brought and how they can be exploited to enhance pedagogical practices in educational systems, as well as some of their concerns and challenges, will be the major topic discussed in this paper, with a heavy emphasis on their applications in E-Learning environments. In addition to that, we marked off some of the core motives behind the integration of Learning Analytics techniques in the E-Learning domain, core limitations leading to new perspectives and assumptions built into E-learning powered by Learning Analytics’ environments. In this perspective, recommender systems, customized feedback, and real-time interventions are significant issues in E-Learning systems and potential research fields, and we may handle present challenges while also paving the way for future growth by employing Learning Analytics approaches.

Keyphrases: Big Data, Data Mining, e-learning, Educational Data Mining, learning analytics

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