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Emotional Behavior in the “Infodemic Vs. Panicdemic Vs. Pandemic” Modeling COVID-19

EasyChair Preprint no. 7500

10 pagesDate: February 24, 2022


The article deals with the problems of emotional behavior in the “Infodemic vs. Panicdemic vs. Pandemic” modeling COVID-19. In the process of managing COVID-19 projects, managers try to model creative behavior and are based on creative technologies. Emotional behavior is considered as a social and psychological mechanism of transferring the mental mood of the manager to other stakeholders of the COVID-19 projects, emotional impact in the face of direct contact, and the inclusion of the individual in certain mental states that affect the effectiveness of management. The main object of modeling are simulate managers behaviors, educate and create new behavior in panicdemic, deadly and aggressive external conditions. In times of crisis, the emotional behavior of the project manager and his infection with the project team is exacerbated by external uncertainty. The stakeholder infection model is based on an understanding of the life cycle of the project manager, which is presented as a curve for personal changes of the manager of innovative projects and programs. Emotions are considered in content, reflecting the various aspects and meanings that caused them. To apply the psychophysiological formula for assessing the impact of the emotional state of the stakeholders of innovative projects, these influences have been transformed into a competent model “Infodemic vs. Panicdemic vs. Pandemic” COVID-19 for managing health projects. Examples of changes in the competence of the manager and the project team in the case of a wall and asthenic emotions are given.

Keyphrases: COVID-19, emotional infection, infodemic, modelling, Pandemic, panicdemic, Stakeholders

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