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Strength in numbers? Understanding the effect of PSM in team level performance.

EasyChair Preprint no. 1159

28 pagesDate: June 10, 2019


Public service motivation so far has only been investigated as an individual-level phenomenon. We argue that it is essential to also take into consideration team characteristics to better understand effectiveness in public offices. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to first examine the concept of team level PSM, which we refer to as a ‘PSM Climate’. Secondly, we examine the concept of PSM climates with team identification and team level effectiveness, taking into consideration the differences in PSM within each team. The data used for this study is based on a two wave survey of 131 teams of public sector workers in Switzerland. Findings show that PSM climate is indirectly related to team effectiveness through the process of team identification, and in the case of strong PSM climates, this relationship is strengthened when there is less variability of PSM within the team. Implications for theory and practice are discussed

Keyphrases: Performance, Public Service Motivation, Teams

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