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Reverse Logistics Strategy of Women's Fashion Shoes - Two Taiwanese Cases

EasyChair Preprint no. 1326

7 pagesDate: July 22, 2019


In the era of hyper-competition, reverse Logistics can be differentiated strategy to increase customer satisfaction and stay ahead in the business. The purpose of this study is to explore how the reverse logistics flow can be improved, especially in the case of returned fast fashion products either internally or externally in the women’s shoes industry. In addition, with the rising of environmental awareness, the society has put more efforts on reverse logistics to keep sustainability. This study conducted in-depth interviews to evaluate different reverse logistics strategies adopted by two representative domestic enterprises of women's fashion shoes in Taiwan. Furthermore, we identified the strengths and weakness from consumers’ point of views. The findings shown that Company A relies on outsourcing versus Company L choose to use in-house strategies. The study provides cases information on product return management by implementing reverse logistics strategy. The research also suggested that in order to gain a competitive advantage, a company should select appropriate reverse logistics strategies to fit the target consumers’ demand and enhances environmental sustainability.

Keyphrases: case study, Reverse Logistic Strategy, Women's Fashion Shoes

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