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Blockchain and Supply Chain Transparency: Opportunities and Challenges

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8 pagesDate: March 10, 2024


This paper provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing blockchain in supply chain transparency initiatives. Blockchain, a decentralized and immutable ledger, offers a novel approach to recording and verifying transactions in a transparent and tamper-resistant manner. In the context of supply chains, blockchain enables real-time tracking of products and materials from their origin to the end consumer, providing unprecedented visibility into the flow of goods and information. One of the key opportunities presented by blockchain in supply chain management is the ability to improve transparency and traceability across complex supply chain networks. By recording every transaction on a shared ledger, blockchain enables stakeholders to verify the authenticity and provenance of products, detect and prevent counterfeit goods, and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Furthermore, blockchain can facilitate more efficient and secure data sharing among supply chain partners, reducing the risk of errors, delays, and disputes.

Keyphrases: and, Challenges, Opportunities

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