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Integration of Technological Tools in Business Intelligence

EasyChair Preprint no. 5222

12 pagesDate: March 25, 2021


The technological tools in Business Intelligence  areused so that companies can enter the data and can also carryout research, reports, reports and analyze some nonconformity about some value found to present an Alert. Most Business Intelligence tools use them because they need users to enter, study, and report with the most frequent data found in data warehouses, data marts, and operational data warehouses. Most of these platforms are used when you need to analyze, plan, run, monitor, and even measure complex, high-value applications, or verify a customer's need to build applications that are easier to use.  BI  defines how a company handles its internal and external information. Previously, BI was not as developed by companies because they were very difficult to manage as for reporting as well to access it, because for a person without the necessary experience it would be even more complicated. But, in recent years, the perspective or idea has been changing because more and more tools have been created for the use of Business Intelligence and in addition organizations see the fundamental value that it was representing in giving good results and giving favorable statistics, therefore they begin to use them. For this reason, one of the important tools in most companies or organizations is the database because it allows us to have access to the information, allows us to behave that data with different areas of the company and allow the study of the information in order to make fundamental decisions. The fundamental goals of BI tools is for all data in a company to be transformed into useful information, exposing companies to making the best decisions, and implementing and exposing the best decisions of agreements to business intelligence.

Keyphrases: Business, data, decisions, Technology, trend

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