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Robot Serenade: Robots in a Talent Show

EasyChair Preprint no. 789

2 pagesDate: February 22, 2019


We describe how our team of four girls in middle and high school built robots and had them perform for our Full STEAM Ahead Showcase, an art and science talent show for youth 10-18 years old. We thought it would be funny and creative to make a robot sing to another robot, and then dance together, performing as if they were people at the talent show. Here we talk about how we came up with our ideas for dance moves, created the robot costumes, and learned about coding and problem solving. Finally, we talk about how we presented the dressed-up robots singing and dancing at the showcase. We liked how the robots weren’t part of a competition but part of an event where everyone showed off their talents. We want to encourage other youth centers to do similar projects and be creative with robots.

Keyphrases: coding, girls, Makerspace, making, MBot, robot, STEAM, Technology, youth center

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