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Safety Backpack for the Gas Industry and Mining Industry Workers

EasyChair Preprint no. 10719

5 pagesDate: August 15, 2023


Industrial sector contributes to the majority of the economical growth as it has been revolutionizing along with the developing technology. Safety is a crucial factor of every industry and it is very pathetic to address the fact that industrial accidents are a recurring drawback to the sector. It has been reported that on average, 1,109 deaths and more than 4,000 injuries in registered factories were reported each year, in four years to 2020, according to DGFASLI data. Considering the Delhi Factory incident we can understand that most the people died due to the gas leakage rather than burns and other injuries. In order to reduce the impact of the circumstance, we are designing a backpack with an oxygen supplying and health condition monitoring system for workers that can use utilized during the emergency situations. This paper explains about the overall designing ,working and usage of the system designed for labors to ensure safety in working environment.

Keyphrases: backpack, Fatality, Respirator Mask, sensor

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